Products and Services

Randy's is a one-stop mobile auxillary power component service facility. We stock the parts you need to rig or repair your working truck so you can get moving and make money. We understand that when you're down, time truly is money. We pride ourselves in being able to get you up and running quickly: our inventory is deep and broad and our staff is experienced. So whether you need a new shaft seal for your PTO, a new pump shift cable or a major overhaul of your multi-piece driveshaft, Randy's can turn you around fast!

The difficult done immediately......the impossible by appointment!


Our inventory is second to none in the entire southwest! We can build or repair anything you can haul through the door!
Some bigger than others, but all are important in supporting the needs of our customers. These lines represent coverage of nearly every driveshaft known to man - we have the parts! Passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, industrial applications, oilfield, agricultural, racing, aluminum.....we cover them all! Randy's Driveshaft is the goto place for driveshaft parts in Texas and much of the country. If we don't have it on-hand (which is a rare occurence!) we know where to get it pronto! We also have The Boneyard: a very large inventory of old, obsolete and hard to find driveshaft parts that has saved the day on many occasions. Try us for that old part you thought no one had ever seen, let alone have one!

Build New/Repair We can spec and build driveshafts for your needs from inventory in-house, usually the same day you order. PTO shafts for pumps (hydraulic, product, etc.), winch drives and components, heavy truck main and interaxle shafts, agricultural shafts (with or without clutches and CV assemblies), passenger car and light truck shafts in steel or aluminum. Rare is the time that we have to say 'no' to anything our customers require when it comes to a driveshaft! Even badly damaged driveshafts can be repaired, and we have the experience to help you decide whether repair or new is your best option. Our shop techs have seen it all more than once and we can advise you of potential trouble you may be unaware of before it causes you an expensive breakdown.

Balancing We always recommend balancing for new or repaired driveshafts. The powertrain of your truck/car/equipment could suffer damage from vibration that may not be apparent to the driver/operator. Any changes to a driveshaft will alter the original balance - even changing universal joints will change the balance of your shaft! The change may be insignificant and cause no ill effects, but any driveshaft that has had major hard parts replaced should be rebalanced for maximum component life and safe operation. At Randy's we have two state-of-the-art, computer controlled DRS balancers for making your driveshaft run vibration free.

* New to Measurement/Sample * Retube * Replace Tube Yokes/Splined Stubs *
* Install Joints/Carrier Bearings * Custom Machining * Same Day Service *
* 160 Years of Shop Experience Working For You *

Power Take Offs

As distributors for Parker/Chelsea we stock a full line of the industry leading power takeoff. In fact, we are the largest single location distributor in the United States!

New Applications Call Randy's for all your mobile auxillary power needs! No place in the country has the experience in power take-off application that Randy's staff has - no one! From small arial lifts to massive oilfield winch trucks, we have the inventory and the expertise to get you the right Chelsea PTO for the job. Six-bolt, eight-bolt or split shaft models with applications for direct and remote mount hydraulic pumps, product pumps, mixers, spreaders, winch drives - Chelsea covers them all with time-tested designs. Wetline kits for end dump trailers, single/tandem axle dump trucks, live floors, hydraulic goosenecks - we got 'em!

Repairs Our parts inventory is huge - we can repair your worn or damaged PTO quickly and accurately, in most cases within a few hours. Mechanical shifts (cable, air, lever) such as the ever popular 442/489 series; clutch pack (hotshift) units like models 230, 270, 277, etc; 8-bolts, mechanical shift (823, 880) and clutch pack (852, 859); splitshaft units (901, 912, etc) - Randy's has the parts to get your unit back on the job! Though not an authorized distributor, we keep an extensive parts inventory on-hand for Muncie Power TakeOffs. Our PTO techs have the expertise to repair the blue, aluminum-housing power takeoffs as well! TG, CS, RL, RG series - bring them to us for minor repairs, major overhauls, ratio changes, etc. Randy's is THE HOUSE OF PTO in Houston!

* New Applications * Most Models and Options Available Same Day *
* Complete Repairs and Overhauls, Chelsea and Muncie *
* Inventory of Hard to Find Old Model Parts *

Hydraulic Gear Pumps and Valves

Randy's is a warehouse distributor for Permco Hydraulics and Metaris, two of the biggest names in fluid power components. Sales, service, specification assistance, troubleshooting your existing hydraulic systems......all in a day's work for our knowledgeable staff.
New Pumps and Valves Our staff has more than 70 years of collective experience in hydraulics. Complete wetline kits with all necessary components are available from our stock for end dumps, live floors and hydraulic driven product pumps. We can spec and furnish hydraulic winch drive components, eliminating mechanical powertrains for a clean and quiet powerhouse. Product pumps such as Roper and Ranger can also be driven with hydraulics. We have the knowledge and the inventory to deliver the right components to handle your mobile hydraulic requirements. We stock Permco and Metaris parts for all bearing and bushing gear pumps and can build units to your specifications, matching flow and pressure to the job for trouble-free operation. Our shelves are loaded with many common configurations of gear pumps and motors for quick turn arounds. We also custom build hydraulic control valves for pump and motor applications. Dump pumps by Permco and Metaris are on the shelf ready to go in manual or air shift.

Repairs Our shop can repair your gear pump or motor on-site, usually within a few hours and sometimes while you wait! Simple reseal jobs to major overhauls, our repair techs can turn your job around quickly and accurately. We can also offer diagnosis of what may have caused the failure to head off future problems. Let Randy's handle your hydraulic gear pump/motor repairs!

* Parts and Units In Stock * Custom Build-to-Order In-House *
* Complete Same Day Repairs/Reseals * Failure Analysis and Fixes *

Control Cables

We build control cables by Wescon right here in our shop to your specification. Push-pull, control head and accelerator cables made in one to two hours in most cases to get you back to work.

- Four sizes with bulkhead or clamp style jacket fittings
- Control head cables for dump pump and PTO shifting
- Vernier head throttle cables, wire or threaded end rod
- Booted accelerator cables built to order in two sizes
- Output end fittings: clevis, ball joint, QD swivel, etc

Air Controls

We stock air controls kits by Air Power Systems out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. APSCO has been an innovator in the field of pneumatic controls in the heavy truck/oilfield industries. Complete kits for power takeoffs, winches, hydraulic pumps and valves, remote clutch kits - we stock a full line! We have the ever-popular V8 tailgate control valve, the VM series of stackable feathering valves, cylinders for dump pumps and o-ring service kits for everything we stock!

Rigging Supplies

We stock a wide variety of accessory items that compliment our major product lines to help you complete your rig up.

SPROCKETS AND CHAIN In 60 and 80 pitch, single and double
PILLOW BLOCK and FLANGE BEARINGS In round and hex bores
CABLE MOUNTING KITS For cable control pumps and valves

Too much to list! In general, we keep on hand what it takes to support our driveshaft, power takeoff, pump and cable products. Give us a call!