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Combination Universal Joints

Sometimes it becomes necessary to joint two different parts/series/styles together, the most common instance being in automotive applications. Hotrodders put Ford 9-inch rear ends under Chevrolet chassis making for a mismatch between the pinion yoke and the original Chevy driveshaft. For these cases there are combination, or conversion, universal joints. Combinations may include different cap diameters, different snap ring retentions (inside vs outside) or may even be two entirely different joint sizes.

Shown here are three different round cap, snap ring style combination joints with hardware. On the left is a Spicer series 1310 to 1350 combo joint, both outside snap ring joints but with different bearing cap diameters and different widths. At center is a Spicer 1310 (outside snap rings) to Detroit 7260 (inside snap rings) combo joint. Most of the old Detroit parts used in Dodge vehicles up until the late 70’s or so are obsolete and replacement pinion yokes are hard to come by. The solution is a Spicer 1310 series yoke of the same dimensions and this combo joint to make the connection to the original Detroit driveshaft. On the right is a Spicer 1310 to Mechanics (Saginaw) 3R inside snap ring which joins to different series of parts used as original equipment in Chevrolet and other GM vehicles. There are other combinations available to cover many situations but there are not combination joints for every possibility. Combination joints are measured in the same way as other round cap snap ring style joints: widths and cap diameters. Determine if your parts are inside or outside snap ring and take the appropriate measurement.

At left are pictured round cap (snap ring style) to wing bearing style combination joints. These may be useful in equipment powertrains and in some older medium duty trucks where parts have become obsolete and/or difficult to find. Measure your parts as you would for any joint of the same cap style: round cap diameters and widths; wing style cap pilot diameters (see the other joint measurement pages for more detail).

Again, not all combinations of parts are available but there are many more than space allows us to note here. Please call us with questions concerning your conversion joint requirements.